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A product without frontiers

To speak of Madrid is to speak of violets, a very characteristic flower of the region, which grows wild throughout the length and breadth of the Community. Therefore, it is not surprising that our family business was born, grew and has flourished with remarkable success at number 6, Plaza Canalejas, awakening loyalty throughout Spain and in many corners of the world. The violet, the candy, is designed in such a way that it reproduces the flower itself, so that it becomes a present that is not only original for its flavour, but also for its aesthetics. And around it, around the star, around the violet, we have built a catalogue of products that has been growing and diversifying, to the point of offering other delicacies in which we take the same care to offer handmade products.

Every day, people of all ages, nationalities and conditions pass through our physical shop in Madrid, captivated not only by its aroma and colour, but also by its history, the history of a family that for more than a century has remained faithful to its way of doing things, conserving traditional ingredients and processes to obtain a unique and quality product, but above all, an authentic one.

The shop is a focus of tourist interest and, in fact, it is quite often included in the tours organised by tour operators when visiting the capital of Spain, and we have also caused countless reviews in the national and international media.

The origin of our visitors is very diverse, but La Violeta is especially well known in Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, etc., as well as in the United States, and we also have numerous clients from European countries such as Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, etc.

Our online shop has undoubtedly contributed to this knowledge and this hobby. From it we can send our sweets to any corner of the planet, making the violet a product that crosses borders.

A valuable recipe

Una receta valiosa

The great secret lies in our recipe, which remains a mystery to many. Throughout the century there have been many imitators and there still are, but we can still boast of offering the original product to the market, despite the fact that many have joined in with mixed success in the sale of this succulent and eye-catching sweet. Like the business itself, the formula has been passed down from generation to generation. Since the year La Violeta was founded, the recipe has not changed one iota. We are aware of its value. For this reason, and all the history behind it, La Violeta sweets are a clear example that the traditional is valuable at any time.

Variety and innovation

And without renouncing our artisan tradition, we do not renounce innovation. Our range of products has grown over the years and we have diversified our offer, so that we go far beyond our star product: violets. Over the decades, we have added assorted sweets, violet chocolates, candied fruit, candied fruit, liqueurs, ice creams and a very wide range of gourmet products to our shop window, where we are also committed to quality and authenticity: syrups, jams, mustards, teas, vinegar, sugar... the violet universe is finite, of course, but it never stops growing and innovating, with the colour violet and the taste of violets as a permanent reference point.

Variety and innovation

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